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Diablo-D3: yes?
Diablo-D3: irc you wrote about how fzf works on earlier vim8.
Psi-Jack: Well, that works on some of my systems, not all. LOL
Psi-Jack: Though, hmmm, vim 8.2.2039 is in Factory, current TW has 8.2.1975
Psi-Jack: Hmmm, they lied. :)
Psi-Jack: Ahh, hmmm, Apparently it was pulled back. Interesting, okay then.
Psi-Jack: Oh well, hopefully it gets fixed sooner than later. I really prefer fzf over ctrlp, denite, leaderf, unite, etc. It's just freakishly fast and versatile, and I've been using fzf many places.
Diablo-D3: see
Diablo-D3: everyones like HURR CTRLP SLOW CAUSE VIM SCRIPT
Diablo-D3: and Im like
Diablo-D3: I can run this on a fucking 486 and its fast
Diablo-D3: what the fuck are you assholes doing
Psi-Jack: I mean, I don't complain about speed of it.. Just imagine ctrlp on a project, thousands of files.
Psi-Jack: It... gets... slow....
Diablo-D3: I mean
Diablo-D3: maybe?
Diablo-D3: the hard part isnt the grepping shit
Diablo-D3: like, lets say I do ctrlp on tags
Diablo-D3: the generation of the tags is what costed the time
Diablo-D3: and thats not ran by ctrlp, thats ran by ctags etc
Psi-Jack: Yep.
Diablo-D3: and spacevim actually has the ctags shit rolled right
Psi-Jack: But, for files. That's where ctrlp has a slow pain point. :)
Diablo-D3: prefers global over straight ctags if you have global
Psi-Jack: Because it generates that, on the fly, every time.
Diablo-D3: I mean, where I use ctrlp, no
Psi-Jack: But, I mean, I've use fzf in more than vim itself. Sometimes I'll even use it to decide what to open into vim directly, like: vim -o fzf, then literally type what I'm looking for.
Psi-Jack: Out of a directort structure with 60,000 files.
Diablo-D3: uh
Diablo-D3: the fuck?
Diablo-D3: you can do that?
Psi-Jack: Yes
Diablo-D3: I mean, at that point, why not replace your shell's tab complete with fzf
Psi-Jack: I partiallyd o.
Diablo-D3: no I mean like
Diablo-D3: Ive seen that plugin in omz
Psi-Jack: I, I mean, I literally partially do.
Psi-Jack: I've written custom tools for managing a very special kind of service, and for completion methods, I just integrated fzf into it based on output the tool could provide to automate managing multiple service instances differently named.
fmlatghor: Psi-Jack: that appeared to work, thankyou
Psi-Jack: fmlatghor, Heh, welcome. You can make that change more permanent in the SpaceVim bootstrap setup, if you want.
Psi-Jack: Alternatively, you can use \y to yank to the clipboard, and \p to paste from the clipboard.
Psi-Jack: Though, that's POSSIBLY going to be the PRIMARY clipboard, depending. (the one where you "paste" by middle-clicking where to paste to).
fmlatghor: Psi-Jack: I put it in my regular nvim config
Justin Hammond
Hello there! Is there a way to get spacevim to install all the plugins that failed during initial start? For instance I added the javascript layer but tern didn't install because I didn't have it setup right. Now I did but I don't know how to make it work.
Psi-Jack: You can clear out ~/.cache/vimfiles/repos, and it will re-download all plugins.
Psi-Jack: Or, the specific one, it would re-download that one, and such.
Justin Hammond
THank you.
Anybody tried coc-explorer with spacevim?
Daniel Solyanichenko
It's probably a very dumb question, but how does SpaceVim implement signature help in Neovim? AFAIK (from YCM dev) Neovim doesn't have that VimL API yet.
I'm talking input mode suggestions, to be clear.