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Oct 2015
Oct 11 2015 02:13
Since we have now open source ... fixing things is priority, when we have everything fixed we can get rid of versions and have just 'sphereserver', nothing more ... nothing less, version is svn version ... and its enough since it's logic to support latest build, no need of tracking versions to fix old bugs.
Oct 11 2015 14:23
3 bugs :D
Burak Demirsoy
Oct 11 2015 19:54
Hi guys.
I'm avatar (used to be a developer in the community lol), if you can add me as contributer, I'll try to commit some time to time when I'm available. See ya.
Ben Croussette
Oct 11 2015 20:16
I don't know how you can call yourself an ex-dev when you only held the title without contributing... Anyways, you can do pull requests just like everyone else
I'm not gonna start adding everyone that want to contribute once in a while as a contributer.