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Oct 2015
Vjacheslav Kanivetc
Oct 14 2015 10:20
@tazmanyak yeah, you can just create a fork of sphereserver, provide your fixes and then propagate a pull request to the source repository
Burak Demirsoy
Oct 14 2015 12:58
@Ben1028 Just because I didnt commit anything on the source doesnt mean I didnt contribute anything. You are just blind so deep bro. In the community and other communities, not just me but with all my friend we always tried to help people about how to code regarding Ultima Online. It could be related to SphereServer or RunUO and other stuffs like 3rd party tools. So I kindly asked you get me add as contributer. So it is not necessary to be rude. I committed my works about SphereServer on the community. You can easily just search on the community by referring the username " Avatar " so that you can see what people shared. Anyway, continue being like that, it suits best with you.
@lintax I will when I have time, thanks.
Ben Croussette
Oct 14 2015 14:14
I know i'm blind, that's why i wear glasses...