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Apr 2015
Pete Peterson
Apr 02 2015 15:28
Stuart Campbell
Apr 02 2015 16:02
Why should I use SpinWaveGenie over other codes ?
Steven Hahn
Apr 02 2015 19:21

@stuartcampbell Thank you for your interest! We believe SpinWaveGenie contains several features that help is stand out among competing solutions.

  • Performant. SpinWaveGenie is written in C++ using many C++11 features. Linear algebra operations utilize the Eigen libary and the code is parallelized over Q-points using the Intel Threaded Building Blocks.

  • Post-processing. Convolute your model calculation with a resolution function and/or integrate each data point over a region in reciprocal space.

  • Extensible. New interactions can easily be added by inheriting an abstract base class. Additional post-processing effects can be added via composition.

  • Cross-platform. Our continuous integration platform builds on both linux and OS X. A homebrew formula and rpm package simplify user installation.

  • No costly dependencies. SpinWaveGenie and all of its dependencies are freely available and open source.

The SpinWaveGenie wiki contains many examples to help new users get started and continues to grow as we use SpinWaveGenie to model new materials.