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Repo info
    Hmm i would say, you can take inspiration of UsbOhciGenerator for the DMA stuff
    val dma = Handle(slave(Bmb(xxxx)))
    accessRequirements = BmbParameter(yyyy),
    bus = dma
    Success! I have the BMB signals on the top module now. Simulation up next. Thank you!
    Cool ^^
    That's a big one ^^
    Nice :D
    Zhou Haoyu
    Hi :), I try to run the LitexGen in the NaxRiscv , and I get this error. Can you help me with it?
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Exception: Can't find the service naxriscv.fetch.FetchCachePlugin
        at naxriscv.utilities.Framework.getService(Framework.scala:106)
        at naxriscv.utilities.Plugin$class.getService(Framework.scala:66)
        at naxriscv.fetch.FetchAxi4.getService(FetchAxi4.scala:9)
        at naxriscv.fetch.FetchAxi4$$anonfun$1$$anon$1.<init>(FetchAxi4.scala:12)
    @WHZhou Hi
    I just updated the litex / pythondata-naxriscv
    I'm not sure why that issue poped up, what command line did you used to generate the soc ?
    Also, be aware, i'm currently in the process of getting debian running
    it is nearly functional
    but there is a few bugs making things crash
    cpu bugs
    hopefully it will be soon all fixed XD
    Here is for instance how i generate a soc for a board :
    python3 -m litex_boards.targets.digilent_nexys_video --cpu-type=naxriscv --with-video-framebuffer --with-spi-sdcard --with-ethernet --xlen=64 --scala-args='rvc=true,rvf=true,rvd=true' --with-jtag-instruction --build --load
    64 bits version
    with RVC and FPU
    How to generate the NaxRiscV bare core, with all AXI buses?
    There is no demo configs just like Vex has...
    Zhou Haoyu
    I used the IntelliJ Idea 2021 to generate the soc. I simply pressed the 'run LitexGen' button XD.
    @WHZhou how old is you litex version ?
    @sonycman:matrix.org So, curently, there is https://github.com/SpinalHDL/NaxRiscv/blob/main/src/main/scala/naxriscv/Gen.scala#L34 which is a function which return a list of properly configured plugins which will create a functional NaxRiscv
    Then, so far, the AXI bridges are implemented for the peripherals
    This message was deleted
    And for the memory
    via a few plugins
    @Dolu1990: thank you!
    Zhou Haoyu
    @Dolu1990 the latest version from https://github.com/SpinalHDL/NaxRiscv.git.
    And the spinalVersion in 'build.sbt' is '1.7.2'
    Zhou Haoyu
    By the way, I modified the 'build.sbt' , otherwise I would get errors while building in IDEA.
    val spinalVersion = "1.7.2"
    lazy val root = (project in file(".")).
          organization := "com.github.spinalhdl",
          scalaVersion := "2.11.12",
          version      := "2.0.0"
        //    scalacOptions +=  s"-Xplugin:${new File(baseDirectory.value + s"/../SpinalHDL/idslplugin/target/scala-2.11/spinalhdl-idsl-plugin_2.11-$spinalVersion.jar")}",
        scalacOptions += s"-Xplugin-require:idsl-plugin",
        libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
          "com.github.spinalhdl" % "spinalhdl-core_2.11" % spinalVersion,
          "com.github.spinalhdl" % "spinalhdl-lib_2.11" % spinalVersion,
          compilerPlugin("com.github.spinalhdl" % "spinalhdl-idsl-plugin_2.11" % spinalVersion),
          "org.scalatest" %% "scalatest" % "3.2.5",
          "org.yaml" % "snakeyaml" % "1.8"
        name := "NaxRiscv"
    //  ).dependsOn(spinalHdlIdslPlugin, spinalHdlSim,spinalHdlCore,spinalHdlLib)
    //lazy val spinalHdlIdslPlugin = ProjectRef(file("../SpinalHDL"), "idslplugin")
    //lazy val spinalHdlSim = ProjectRef(file("../SpinalHDL"), "sim")
    //lazy val spinalHdlCore = ProjectRef(file("../SpinalHDL"), "core")
    //lazy val spinalHdlLib = ProjectRef(file("../SpinalHDL"), "lib")
    fork := true
    Ahhh i think "And the spinalVersion in 'build.sbt' is '1.7.2'" is wrong
    maybe, can you delete the pythondata_cpu_naxriscv/verilog/ext folder ?
    basicaly, the two repo in it are cloned when running the generation
    and delete the naxriscv_xxxxx.v
    and then send me the litex logs when you run the generation
    Zhou Haoyu
    I discarded my changes in 'build.sbt', and manually cloned the https://github.com/SpinalHDL/SpinalHDL.git to the same directory of NaxRiscv. And I get these error logs when I run the generation.
    Error:(364, 51) object Info is not a member of package spinal.core
      val version = (if(Character.isDigit(spinal.core.Info.version(0))) "v" else "") + spinal.core.Info.version
    Error:(364, 96) object Info is not a member of package spinal.core
      val version = (if(Character.isDigit(spinal.core.Info.version(0))) "v" else "") + spinal.core.Info.version
    Error:(374, 59) object Info is not a member of package spinal.core
        } + s" SpinalHDL $version    git head : ${spinal.core.Info.gitHash}")
    Error:(42, 101) object Info is not a member of package spinal.core
        buffer ++= s"$commentSymbol Generator : SpinalHDL ${Spinal.version}    git head : ${spinal.core.Info.gitHash}\n"
    can you show me the Version.scala content ? in spinalhdl/project ?
    there is probably something weird somewere in the setup, because NaxRiscv did pass the github actions of the litex repo
    Zhou Haoyu
    ok, the Version.scala:
    object SpinalVersion {
      val compilers = List("2.11.12", "2.12.13", "2.13.6")
      val compilerIsRC = false
      val isDev = true
      val isSnapshot = false
      private def snapshot = if (isSnapshot) "-SNAPSHOT" else ""
      private val major = "1.7.2"
      val all         = if(isDev) "dev" else s"$major$snapshot"
      val sim         = all
      val core        = all
      val lib         = all
      val ip          = all
      val debugger    = all
      val demo        = all
      val tester      = all
    that seems good
    maybe do a sbt clean compile in the SpinalHDL repo, and then in the NaxRiscv repo ?
    that's realy weird