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    Alexander Yevsyukov
    Hello World!
    Oleksandra Kovalenko

    Hey guys! We will be announcing important library updates in this chat as well.

    The latest v1.4 is focused on performance improvements and includes:

    • the new generated validation API, available with the beta status.
    • (pattern) option now only applying to non-empty string values.
    • fix for the bug preventing users from declaring enum-type columns.
    • extended API of code libraries.
    Alexander Yevsyukov
    @dmdashenkov just published an article on “Integrating with a third party” (https://spine.io/2020/03/02/integrating-with-a-third-party.html). Do have a look!
    Oleksandra Kovalenko

    Spine EE got updated to v1.5 with quite a number of new features and performance improvements:

    • Projections now support an automated run-time catch-up.
    • The client API was made less error-prone by enforcing the strong typing for the columns and properties of Entities and Events. The list of the model fields is generated as Java code by the Spine compiler at build-time.
    • A data migration API is now available for ProcessManagers and Projections. It automates the process of updating the existing data upon the changes in the domain model.
    • The logging records made from within the Entity handlers now print the full signature of the called method.
    • It is now possible to specify an actor when composing a test scenario with BlackBoxBoundedContext API.
    • CommandBus is no longer responsible for validating the first field of the transmitted Commands; instead, this is a job of the Repository for the target Entity.

    For more details, see the Release Notes: https://bit.ly/Spine1-5.

    Alexander Yevsyukov
    We are migrating the community forum to GitHub Discussions:
    Please use it from now on.
    I’m going to delete this room shortly.