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May 2015
Loïc Huertas
May 20 2015 08:51

Hello, to use the command line module (CLI), you have to type these following commands at the root folder :

$ sbt

project powerapi-cli
$ cd powerapi-cli/target/universal/stage
$ ./bin/powerapi (-h for help)
$ ./bin/powerapi modules cpu-simple monitor --frequency 1000 --targets [application_name | application_pid] [--console | --file | --chart]

Also, you have to configure PowerAPI, namely to modify configuration file by adding the TDP ( value of your processor. To do that, just write in conf/powerapi.conf file :

powerapi.cpu.tdp = [TDP_value_in_Watt]

Steven Feldman
May 20 2015 16:31
Thank you that helps a lot! If this was in the README file it would be helpful to others as well