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Jul 2015
Enrique Soto
Jul 08 2015 14:24
Hi all, I'm doing a little research work about energy consumption on SoC; guys, what do you think if I test powerAPI on Intel edison (, Do I have to take any special consideration because this is a SoC?, would It accurately gives the expected values? I couldn't find the TDP value for its CPU, nevertheless, I found it for a similar SoC (Intel Galileo) where its value ranges from 1.9W – 2.2W (depending on VR). Thanks, you are a doing a great work :smile:
Romain Rouvoy
Jul 08 2015 17:06
Hi @enriquesoto,
Given that this SoC does not seem to have any power-saving feature, I believe that you can start by using the standard procfs-cpu-simple module as documented there: