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Jun 2016
Romain Masclef
Jun 20 2016 08:29

I also should tell you that I am completely novice in Scala and Maven :/

Again, thank you for your answer !

Maxime Colmant
Jun 20 2016 08:33
The powerapi-akka is the root base of Spirals-Team, but it is not updated anymore.
The current up-to-date repo is
For now, we have only a CPU module which works correctly.
We made the choice to not investigate the RAM anymore because our experiments have shown that the RAM power consumption follows a contant value (just trigerred where the RAM in ON or OFF).
I’m currently working on the SSD power consumption, but it is under progress, sorry.
Romain Masclef
Jun 20 2016 12:51


Thanks a lot for your answer !

It would be nice if you clarify this in the documentation.

Do you have any public report about your experiments on the RAM power consumption ? I'd love to read about it :smile:

Can powerAPI calculate the global energy consumption of a system or a software ?

Don't be sorry, I can understand that it takes a lot of time to do all this work !