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Jul 2016
Maxime Colmant
Jul 05 2016 06:21

Hi, sorry for the late answer.
For the RAM power consumption, if you are on Linux and having a recent processor (since the Sandy Bridge architecture), you can try to play with RAPL (Running Average Power Limit).

You will get the global power estimation for the CPU/Mem intensive workloads for a software or the computer.
If you want the global power consumption, you can use the PowerSpy power meter and then plug it into PowerSPY (module already created).


Process-level Power Estimation in VM-based Systems: M. Colmant, M. Kurpicz, L. Huertas, R. Rouvoy, P. Felber, A. Sobe. European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys). April 2015, Bordeaux, France. pp.1-14.