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Mar 2017
Maxime Colmant
Mar 09 2017 13:23

Hi, sorry for the delay.

Not for the simple version that uses the TDP, we cannot distinguish the operation type. However, we already propose several alternatives but they require to have a power meter to learn a power model.

Mar 09 2017 21:31
Hi, I tried to use Power API to measure the power consumption of an intel i3 processor (default setting is : 2 physical cores for 4 logical cores) in case of differents core settings. I would like to know if power API is still able to measure correctly the power consumption of a given multi-core processor if some of these cores are disabled ( from the BIOS settings( physical cores) and from the OS (logical cores)). because I tried to do so and the obtained measurement do not seem to be correct. is there a way to make these kind of measurements correctly with Power API? how can I know that the measurement are correct ? I also would like to know which kind of power does provide Power API, is it active power, MAX power or RMS power ...? thank you very much for all your answers.