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Jul 2016
Jul 22 2016 04:26
Ok so, long story really short, wrt UI, I would like to wireframe the UI in a very simplistic fashion. There are a crapload of moving parts to a lobby so we're gonna need to have all of our junk in one drawer, otherwise it'll end up being usability hell. So I think I'll start with all of the various "lobby screens (Different sections)" and go from there. It's a lot easier to do the gfx stuff when you're 100% clear on all the pieces of layout
All this being imo ofc
Gajo Petrovic
Jul 22 2016 08:06
Forb, that's all good, but be sure to check what already exists in detail.
Also keep in mind the schedule, we plan to make a ZK release so a huge layout change is unlikely to happen. We could use a neat Chili skin though.