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Sep 2016
L.J. Lim
Sep 01 2016 11:46
on campaign: the campaign handler is functional, it lacks some features I'd like (sorting saves by date, scene replay) but those can be added later
I still need to actually make content for it and possibly make some refinements to Chili VN, but it's completed up to the same point as Ren'Py campaign was
could bundle that for release in fairly short order, although actually using it will require some work to merge the branch into chobby master
(should I wait until LuaMenu for that?)
Gajo Petrovic
Sep 01 2016 11:52
Yeah, LuaMenu should be merged soon hopefully. After that we can continue work there. For now you can work on the same branch as it'll be used
Sep 01 2016 12:11
anything preventing luamenu from replacing master at the moment?
Gajo Petrovic
Sep 01 2016 23:05
No. Go ahead