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that’s the list of defaults and settings related to the metadata service
let me look at the nova code real quick
Kurt Sussman
Maybe 'eth#' is hardcoded somewhere? I'm not sure why mine switches to 'em#'; Ubuntu does that on boot and I haven't chased it down yet. Other than that, it's pretty vanilla.
Ah, the iptable syntax error comes because the config setting is concatenated with the 'ACCEPT' and because the config setting is missing, it concatenates the error message with the 'ACCEPT' string. That is in fact an invalid iptables command line.
Коrd Campbell
likely location of the issue - this was changed 8 days ago
and would explain why setting it to 127 works
Kurt Sussman
Interesting. Good find.
Коrd Campbell
you as well
Kurt Sussman
BTW, thanks for the scripts; they do make it really easy to get OpenStack up and running.
Коrd Campbell
i think you are right about the concat issue
what are you using openstack for?
Kurt Sussman
Currently just exploring. I want to get my own services off Proxmox (OpenVZ) at some point though, and I want to have a standar API for things like orchestration and monitoring.
Коrd Campbell
i’ll run an install later today and see what happends
not 100% certain that code is at fault - the default gets set to my_ip at the top
so, if metadata_host!= you should have a valid string in there
if you are so inclined, you could stick a debug logging statement in there and see what it’s trying to run
Kurt Sussman
OK. I'll build a VM and try it next week; waiting for a plane now and don't really have time to complete it.
Коrd Campbell
hope you aren’t going to chicago
Kurt Sussman
Nope, Portland, OR. From San Jose. My Alaska flight was canceled so they put me on a Southwest filght and gave me a free drink coupon. Go Alaska!
G'Day - anyone online?
Its saturday here so I am not at work and not inclined to login into work. I have a question about the br100 bridge... my ifconfig shows virbr0 should this be used in the nova.conf file or is br100 a logical bridge setup by openstack? I also have the dreaded "No Host available " error which means I can never start an instance. Server, Dell 2950 with ubuntu 14.04 fresh build and instructions followed from StackGeek web page.
Коrd Campbell
dumping logs would help
you won’t get a br100 until an instance starts
check /var/log/nova/
OK - will gather logs this week after I change back setting to br100
Коrd Campbell
What is the process to remove a compute node and what is the process to remove compute capability from a controller node (originally setup as 1 server to do everything)?
Коrd Campbell
there are a few commands for seeing compute nodes from the console. doing a nova help will get you a list of commands. as for removing them, see: http://blog.changbin.org/2014/07/removedeletedecommission-compute-node.html. there’s not a good way to do this from the UI/command line at this time.
this chat is getting bigger!
Kord is very helpful! I finally have a working rig. did a write up at http://z900collector.wordpress.com/2014/10/01/openstack-trials-and-tribulation/
Коrd Campbell
thanks..do anyone have experiece with block live migration set up with icehouse?
Hello #kordless , i am getting error during ./openstack_keystone.sh , please see #35
Raj Ranjan
Is this room open for questions related to openstack taskflow
Andrés Álvarez
Hello everyone, is this room for OpenStack related discussion ?
Hello everyone,Dose somebody use fuel to deploy openstack?
When I deploy it,It's error when reboot node.the node cant start from ubuntu
i have a openstack newton deployment and i'm looking for a way for real-time monitoring it. horizon resource usage doesn't give an acceptable interface for this purspose.
any suggestions?
Mohamed Younes Kasmi
hello all, what do you use for backup/restore openstack?
Do you have snapshot?
Neeraj Dhiman
anyone mistral expert here ?
Facing some issue while deploying mistral on kubernetes
  • I have careted a docker image of mistral and I am deploying the same on kubernetes.
  • For this I have created a serive & replica-controller for mistral-service. This replica-controller have two pods one for mistral
    and other one for rabbitmq (so that mistral can coumnicate with rabbirmq locally). but mistral is not able to connect to Rabbitmq,
    error it is throeing is AMQP server on rabbitmq:5672 is unreachable: [Errno -5] No address associated with hostname. Trying again in 16 seconds. Client port: None

    I guess there are two ways mistral can couminate with Rabbitmq.
    1 ) host rabbitmq in same repica-controller (which I have already did, but its not working)
    2 ) create a new service for Rabbitmq and somehow tell mistral to connect to that service (I have no idea how to do this)

Eric Swenson
Can anyone help debug a non-obvious "NoValidHost: No valid host was found" error?