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Aug 2016
Steve Jansen
Aug 16 2016 00:31
Hi, trying to run sumoshell inside a container. Hitting a few bumps along the way.
Seems like the go get dependencies are broken for go version 1.3->1.6.3
$ go get
package no buildable Go source files in /go/src/
$ cd $GOPATH/src/ # Will warn about `no buildable go source`
$ go get ./...
render/Render.go:21: undefined: gocui.ErrorUnkView
render/Render.go:48: undefined: gocui.Quit
render/Render.go:59: g.Flush undefined (type *gocui.Gui has no field or method Flush, but does have gocui.flush)
render/Render.go:60: cannot use makeLayout(renderState) (type layoutFunc) as type gocui.Handler in argument to g.SetLayout
render/Render.go:67: undefined: gocui.Quit
I'm also trying to figure out if a tty is really needed for render and render-basic. I see you call stty size to compute the window dimensions of the terminal. I'm trying to do something to the effect of cat ... | docker run -i --rm sumoshell search ... | docker run -i --rm sumoshell render-basic