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Repo info
    Russell Cohen
    Hi I'm the original author. Happy to answer any questions.
    Victor Brouk
    Does sumoshell support go 1.5.1?
    Having problems getting started.
    I feel like I must be doing something silly:
    ➜  sumoshell git:(master) go get ./...
    # github.com/SumoLogic/sumoshell/graph
    graph/Graph.go:25: undefined: termui.UseTheme
    graph/Graph.go:30: bc.Block.Border.Label undefined (type bool has no field or method Label)
    graph/Graph.go:55: bc.Block.Border.Label undefined (type bool has no field or method Label)
    graph/Graph.go:56: bc.Block.Border.Label undefined (type bool has no field or method Label)
    graph/Graph.go:91: undefined: termui.EventCh
    graph/Graph.go:99: undefined: termui.EventKey
    graph/Graph.go:102: undefined: termui.EventResize
    Was pretty sure last I read about go that it was backwards compatible..
    Russell Cohen
    hmm. It should support go 1.5.1. I wonder if we pulled in a bad version of the termui dependency
    @Vintik in the short term, can you just use the precompiled binaries? I'll see if I can reproduce that problem
    Russell Cohen
    @Vintik I've reproduced the problem and pushed a fix (SumoLogic/sumoshell@75d77ea)
    Steve Jansen
    Hi, trying to run sumoshell inside a container. Hitting a few bumps along the way.
    Seems like the go get dependencies are broken for go version 1.3->1.6.3
    $ go get github.com/SumoLogic/sumoshell
    package github.com/SumoLogic/sumoshell: no buildable Go source files in /go/src/github.com/SumoLogic/sumoshell
    $ cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/SumoLogic/sumoshell # Will warn about `no buildable go source`
    $ go get ./...
    # github.com/SumoLogic/sumoshell/render
    render/Render.go:21: undefined: gocui.ErrorUnkView
    render/Render.go:48: undefined: gocui.Quit
    render/Render.go:59: g.Flush undefined (type *gocui.Gui has no field or method Flush, but does have gocui.flush)
    render/Render.go:60: cannot use makeLayout(renderState) (type layoutFunc) as type gocui.Handler in argument to g.SetLayout
    render/Render.go:67: undefined: gocui.Quit
    I'm also trying to figure out if a tty is really needed for render and render-basic. I see you call stty size to compute the window dimensions of the terminal. I'm trying to do something to the effect of cat ... | docker run -i --rm sumoshell search ... | docker run -i --rm sumoshell render-basic
    Russell Cohen
    @steve-jansen Sorry I missed this message from many months ago. I've fixed the dependency issues, cleaned up the rendering (although it still relies on a TTY) and fixed a number of race conditions
    new binaries will be pushed shortly
    Russell Cohen
    New binaries have been pushed, fixing many race conditions and rendering issues
    Russell Cohen
    Sumoshell has been replaced by https://github.com/rcoh/angle-grinder for all intents and purposes
    panneer selvam.c
    Hi everyone, sorry to disturb you. Iam new to sumo logic. please share me some useful links to learn