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    Callum Trounce
    hey @/all I've added you because you've either contributed to SwURL or been in / raised issues
    Naman Goel
    Hi. I think it makes sense to have an API to start fetching images lazily imperitively so that they can appear faster.
    Callum Trounce
    Hi @nmn, okay - I'll see what I can do - I will have to handle them slightly separately to how we do the default tasks
    Right now, there's the assumption that identical urls could return a different image - so we can't cache each task based on the url that is being hit
    This will be slightly different to prefetching, where if you try loading a url from a url which is in the 'prefetch queue' which hasn't finished downloading, it will use that one
    Naman Goel
    That sounds complicated. But if you make progress ill be very thankful. Im new to iOS but happy to help however i can.
    Dev Mukherjee
    Hello, I'm wondering if SwURL works on macOS
    I'm trying to make it work, but getting an error. Here's my code: https://pastebin.com/t1wHXTQR
    The error is on line 6: Static method 'buildBlock' requires that 'SwURLImageView' conform to 'View'