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When I use swagger2markup and MockMvc to do unit tests to generate documents
And I used the conversion of Jackson's camel named to underscore
Robert Winkler
What's your question?
Why Jackson changes camelCase to snake_case?
Sounds like a Jackson question and not a Swagger2markup question
@RobWin Hi Robert, quick one on the code for parsing -> getEffectiveOutputDirWhenInputIsAFolder. The current code, as it is, is failing with "Failed to execute goal 'convertSwagger2markup': Illegal char <:> at index 159: D:\Development\swagger2markupTest\target\swagger2markupTest-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT\asciidoc\D:\Development\swagger2markupTest\target\swagger2markupTest-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT\config\ApiDocumentation -> [Help 1]"
I've changed locally the return to: return new File(outputDir, extracSwaggerFileNameWithoutExtension(converter));
Seems to be working fine on my end, parses all files.
Unfortunately I don't have the possibility right now to open defect, create pull requests etc. right now, perhaps you'd like to handle it
Does anyone any idea on issue for asp.net core regarding the authorization bearer seems like not working at all?
I just added this code:
swagg.AddSecurityDefinition("Bearer", new ApiKeyScheme
                    Description = "Desc here",
                    Name = "Authorization",
                    In = "header",
                    Type = "apiKey"
which I mostly seen on most tutorials... and when I tried it seems not working at all
I have a .net core webapi project using swagger for the api ui. I would like to use swagger2markup to build static markdown documentation. can anyone point me in the right direction on how to implement this? thx
Craig Austin
Has anyone used the resulting Markdown with Slate?
Just found some relevant messages in the history. Thanks.
Hi I downloaded the swagger2markup code from github. I have swagger YAML file. I want to convert the Swagger Yml to pdf. How to do this..
Hi guys, i have a problem consuming an api rest with redoc. The error message is "Error downloading localhost:8081/docs Failed to fetch", but if i consume the service with postman his return json data with swagger structure. any idea?
im solved the problem adding http:// to url (http://localhost:8081/docs)
Mat Taylor
quick question. Is there any way to convert the generated (and edited) ascidoc files back into an openapi json or yaml spec for rendering using other tools like redoc?
Mat Taylor
I know that official markdown support inside an openapi spec is limited to commonmark, but this could potentially be extended to full ascidoc
hi together, is there some code doc generate available like that https://engineering.gosquared.com/building-better-api-docs ?
Ajay Koranne
Hi, I am looking at https://github.com/Swagger2Markup/swagger2markup-gradle-project-template. Last commit on this project was almost a year ago - July 20, 2017. Are the instructions in this project still valid? The build.gradle refers to asciidoctorj-pdf which is an alpha release. Any thoughts?
Kingsley Kumar
Hi, I see the fields are rendered as 'optional' in the PDF under definitions section. Is it possible to remove 'optional' keyword which is rendered for the fields in PDF ? I don't want to render it as 'required' as well. For the response dto class fields, It doesn't make sense to mention the field as optional or required. Would appreciate your help! Thanks.
Ove Gram Nipen
Hi, I'm trying to set up springfox + swagger2markup, but springfox says that springfox-staticdocs is deprecated since 2.7.0 (it is currently at 2.9.2), and they point me at swagger2markup's reference documentation. However, that documentation clearly says to use springfox-staticdocs, so I'm at a loss. Also, the demo project (spring-swagger2markup-demo) uses springfox 2.4.0 and springfox-staticdocs. https://springfox.github.io/springfox/docs/current/#configuring-springfox-staticdocs | https://github.com/Swagger2Markup/spring-swagger2markup-demo | http://swagger2markup.github.io/swagger2markup/1.3.3/#_spring_boot_and_springfox
Ove Gram Nipen
I got it working with springfox 2.6, but that's not really a long term solution
hello all
Is there any Node Js or only javascript implementation of Swagger2Markup?
Hello, I reproduced, and found a fix to an issue that was reported awhile back but closed without fixing
in the gradle plugin
is the gradle plugin discussed here? Its readme links to this gitter.
my PR is here: Swagger2Markup/swagger2markup-gradle-plugin#10
I was wondering if any of you know a tool like https://stoplight.io/platform/prism/ that s open-source?
That tool sounds cool. If there is not an open source alternative, I'd be up for making one
@AlexCppns I found this: https://github.com/outofcoffee/imposter
Thanks for merging my PR! When is the next release for the gradle plugin planned for?
hi, does anyone know about a simple guide on how to use this feature?
Andrew Bright
As above is there any simple documentation on how to use this preferable from .NET c#
Hullaert Christof
Hi, is there a documentation for swagger2markup gradle plugin ?
@cHullaert I dont think so. basically, you apply it, t hen you can configure it like this: convertSwagger2markup { swaggerInput file("build/swagger/swagger.json").getAbsolutePath() outputFile file("${buildDir}/swagger/api") config = ['swagger2markup.markupLanguage': 'MARKDOWN'] }
that formatting didn't come out how I thought it would
@RobWin Any update on when the latest master for the gradle plugin will get released?
Sridhar Jonnalagadda
Hi Folks - I'm seeing org.pegdown.ParsingTimeoutException issue sporadically.
The dependency tree for io.github.swagger2markup:swagger2markup:jar:1.3.3:compile has transitive dependency on org.pegdown:pegdown:jar:1.4.2:runtime.
Sridhar Jonnalagadda
From pegdown github page, they say default timeout is 2 seconds. Is there a way to change default timeout? What is the default timeout configured ?
Sridhar Jonnalagadda
org.pegdown.Parser has the check protected boolean checkForParsingTimeout() { if (System.currentTimeMillis() - parsingStartTimeStamp > maxParsingTimeInMillis) throw new ParsingTimeoutException(); return true; }
nl.jworks.markdown_to_asciidoc.Converter.convertMarkdownToAsciiDoc creates PegdownProcessor, and does not take optional timeout value.