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Joel Roberts
Hi, is there a way to suppress certain methods perhaps filtered by tag, from the generated documentation? For instance, I'm trying to exclude my internal only methods from the external facing documentation.
I found a problem :The generated html has some error when ApiModel value contains slash(/), because I see the github it hasn't been updated for a long time , so I join this room.Swagger2Markup/swagger2markup#355
David Ray
Hi There! If I want to define a yaml file for Swagger, where to I put it and what do I call it?
David Porter
@jwr456 You can filter a method from the generated Swagger JSON by adding hidden=trueto the @ApiOperation annotation. In other words, you filter before you run swagger2markup.
Julian Dreissig
FYI, I have submitted a formula for swagger2markup-cli to be available through homebrew.
Hi, I'm using swagger2markup-maven-plugin
I see it producing curl-request.adoc files
but I don't see them in the result html
Am I missing a setting or something?
@here anyone?
Joel Roberts
Hey @dcp65 - thanks for your reply.
Robert Winkler
Hi, sry I'm really busy at the moment
Julian West
@RobWin Would it be possible to get a release created? Really keen to get the bugfix for issue 336 - Headers not displaying correctly
David Porter
Can anyone show me how to run the convertSwagger2markup task more than once using different swaggerInput files in the same build.gradle?
I’m trying something like this:
task thisApi {
    convertSwagger2markup {
        swaggerInput 'https://myapi/this/swagger.json'
        outputDir file("src/docs/this")
        config = [
                'swagger2markup.pathsGroupedBy'                     : 'TAGS',
                'swagger2markup.markupLanguage'                     : 'MARKDOWN',

task thatApi {
    convertSwagger2markup {
        swaggerInput 'https://myapi/that/swagger.json'
        outputDir file("src/docs/that")
        config = [
                'swagger2markup.pathsGroupedBy'                     : 'TAGS',
                'swagger2markup.markupLanguage'                     : 'MARKDOWN',
But neither of the convertSwagger2markup tasks actually runs.
Hi, how can you override the different language translations in the label_xx.properties files ? For example, I would like the output to show the word "Services" instead of "Tags".
Johan Hammar
Hi! I'm trying to generate examples for a http request with query parameters. Unfortunately the output that I get is one section with the uri and wh
and one section with the request parameters
Which looks more like body content. Is it possible to generate request examples like this https://host?param1=1&param2=2

is it possible to inject asciidoc settings like

:icons: font
:lang: en
// Settings:
:commonResourcesDir: ../resources
:imagesdir: {commonResourcesDir}/images
:pdf-stylesdir: {commonResourcesDir}/theme
:pdf-fontsdir: {commonResourcesDir}/fonts
:pdf-style: custom
:pdf-page-size: A4

into generated document ?

Sebastien Vermeille
hi there!
I have some issues regarding swagger and maven. I successfully were able to generate an openapi.json and yaml file from my source code and now I would like to generate asciidoc files from that. Unfortunately the plugin says: Failed to read the Swagger source. Does it support openapi format ?
thank you in advance
ok seems not I've seen an issue about that on the git repo thank you
David Porter

Someone just alerted me to Robert’s update to the swagger2markup README from June:

unfortunately I can’t maintain Swagger2Markup alone anymore.

A shame. swagger2markup was a really useful tool.
Shiva Prasad G
I am trying to send My Authorization header but it is not taking the value can anyone help me to send it(Am using Swagger 3.2)
  •   - name: Authorization
       in: header
       description: API Authorization
       required: true
         type: string
         format: ''
         default: 'U2Fsd'
@shivaprasad573 looking at the source code, doesn't look like it's possible to send authorization to swagger. Also, Swagger2Markup currently doesn't support OpenApi v3
David Porter

Hi, how can you override the different language translations in the label_xx.properties files ? For example, I would like the output to show the word "Services" instead of "Tags".

Anyone have a solution to this question from @stevep0000?

@dcp65 have you tried adding another label_xx.properties on to classpath, to see if it will override the default one, I can’t remember if it needs to be first or last on the classpath
Hello, i use springdoc-openapi-maven-plugin to generate my openin.json in version 3.0.1, but how can i build documentation in PDF with this specification ? Swagger2markup doesn't work :/
Please try new OpenApi2Markup snapshot version, though it’s still under development
ty, where i can found this git project ?
@rbelfils it’s the same project. However, now it builds Swagger2markup and OpenApi2markup
ok ty @austek
Lee Turner
Hi. We are using swagger2markup to generate our api docs during our build. We have found that on occasion things like parameters are generate in a slightly different order so S2M changes the order in the generated docs. I just wanted to know what kind of ordering is NATURAL and also is the only way to use the CUSTOM ordering programmatically in code a opposed to say from the command line ?
Vladimir Bukreev
Hi all. Is there a similar library, but for arbitrary JSON schema files? Any advice is appreciated.
I just want to document a JSON configuration file, so it's schema does not describe API. And I need a static result, not a website.
Paolo Patierno
@RobWin hi! First of all thanks for accepting and merging my PR!
Do you have any plan/roadmap for the new release? Because I will open PRs to update the maven plugin and the cli as well using the latest release.
I'm new to swagger2markup. I'm executing it from maven. I'm looking for a way to inject strings into my yaml file. For example, I'd like set the configuration property FOO and use ${FOO} in my yaml. Is there a built-in way to do that? Do I need to create a custom extension?
Hello @RobWin I see that there has been some recent activity on the gradle plugin. My bugfix from 2 years ago still has not been released. Any chance that can be published soon?
Janith Kalhara
Hello @RobWin is the 2.0.0 released already ?
Nikolaos Hadjitheophanous
Hello guys. On the swagger2markup-demo how can I modify the Host and BasePath text on Chapter 1.4 URI scheme?
Hi, I have a query regarding Swagger UI. I need the response of the requested URL in different languages like the postman does. It provides the code in different languages like ruby, python, PHP, nodejs etc. Is it possible to achieve this using swagger UI?
hi! after jcenter and spring-plugins repos closed i can't use this plugin. can someone point me where i can download plugin with full deps?
Andy Elliott
Hey guys, new to swagger2markup and had a question around the maven and gradle plugins. Is it possible to use them for generating OpenAPI v3 to asciidoc? I know I'm almost certainly missing something but I can't see anything in the docs, nor any examples doing this.
I was wondering whether it is possible to generate adoc files with both XML and JSON examples with Swagger2Markup