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Repo info
    Jakub Pomykała
    Hi all :)
    Benny Powers
    I'm spoiled by your generator Is there an equivalent meanstack genny or am I better off manually installing the server stuff?
    Pedro Esperança
    Hi Benny, your better off creating a separate project altogether for the API
    Nick Lucking
    Hey guys, when are you pushing out the drone 5 release??
    super excited about that
    Michał Wójcik
    Hello guys, i have problem with start my test. When i write small test how i can start testing with console. gulp test?
    My test isn't validation in testing engine..
    I am running the generator though a proxy to my php server successfully and everything is working fine except I seem to have to use /index.php as my start path on BrowserSync with http-proxy-middleware. This is causing me issues with things such as my angular routing and building SEO snapshots using html-snapshots. Is there any way of removing the /index.php/ from my urls using http-proxy-middleware or am I stuck with this?
    Justin Griffith
    Does your generator come with any mock functionality? I see where it looks for any */.mock.js files but do not see any examples.
    Mehdy Dara

    @/all if you missed the last news about gulp-angular


    I recommend you to switch on FountainJS.

    We just achieve a full test coverage

    Mike Sigsworth
    Awesome! I am excited to give it a try.
    We have migrate to Slack @mikesigs
    Mike Sigsworth
    Thanks. I will migrate over there now ;)
    Ben Novak
    This message was deleted
    This message was deleted

    Hey guys, when I run the local serve command everything works fine. But when I build, my two layout routes files are returning 404:
    This is what calls them in my route file:

          .state('dashboard', {
              // abstract: true,
              views: {
                layout: {
                  templateUrl: 'app/layouts/dashboard.html',
              data: {
                authorizedRoles: true
          .state('full', {
              // abstract: true,
              views: {
                layout: {
                  templateUrl: 'app/layouts/fullpage.html',

    any ideas?

    Ben Novak
    my bad, cookies problem :worried:
    Manar Kurmanov

    Hi all, can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong?
    I'm trying to write test for this

    class Test {
      public $inject = ['$cookies']
      constructor(public $cookies){
      getData() {
        return 1 + 2;
    export default Test;

    My test.spec

    /// <reference path="../../typings/index.d.ts" />
    import * as angular from 'angular';
    import 'angular-mocks';
    import Test from './test';
    describe('Test service', () => {
      beforeEach(() => {
          .module('Test', [])
          .service('Test', Test);
      it('should', angular.mock.inject((Test: Test) => {

    it says error starts with

    PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Windows 8 0.0.0) Test service should FAILED
            eval code
            eval@[native code]
    I opened that issue x6doooo/generator-gulp-angular2#27
    someone help me
    Can someone tell me how to change the default portnumber ? (3000)
    Hello everyone!
    I am using gulp's usemin task. I want to put multiple files in gulp.src() in the usemin task but I am getting error.
    Can anybody help me??

    gulp.task('usemin',['jshint'], function () {

    return gulp.src('./app/*/.html')
    js: [ngannotate(),uglify(),rev()]



    shouldn't be like this? ./app/*/.html
    o weird
    Ashique Mohammed
    Hello Anybody here .
    Basheer ALMOMANI
    I have a question. where should I add backend module and api project? I think nowhere in docs, anyone talking about them
    Ahmed Rebai
    hi everyone
    i got this error
    Akash Padhy
    Andi Chou

    Hi folks,

    anyone have an experience on this issue?

    [16:42:22] Starting 'ngc'...
    : Error: FileSystem has not been configured. Please call `setFileSystem()` before calling this method.
    gulp 4.0.2
    angular-compiler-cli: 8.1.2
    @andichou did u find solution for Error: FileSystem has not been configured. Please call setFileSystem() before calling this method.