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Repo info
    Matthieu Lux
    i never used uncss, i can't help you further
    Benny Powers
    let's try again with src/app/*/.html
    Matthieu Lux
    sure it as to find your htmls correctly to be able to know if the classes are used
    Benny Powers
    .pipe(uncss({html:'src/app/*/.html'})) didn't do it either :(
    oof I can't believe i just found out about proxy middleware, like 2 days from launch could have saved mysefl so much time
    Benny Powers
    something's not right with the way I'm doing this... when I insert that pipe into the cssFilter, I get an empty vendor.css (only introductory comments) and a 111 line unminified app.css in /dist/
    see ben-eb/gulp-uncss#55
    Ade Viankakrisna Fadlil
    hello, is there any way to add / remove route and controller via commandline using this tool?
    Mike Baker
    @viankakrisna I don't see it in the help, I doubt it.
    Sourav Mondal
    When I created a project using the generator, I used plain CSS as the option for stylesheets. Now I want it to upgrade it to SCSS. Is there any way, I can do that?
    Eshan Singh
    @souravmondal93 I think it is detailed in the docs somewhere, I’m not sure.
    Eshan Singh
    Hey everybody!
    Is it possible to make a new generator based on this, but for Ionic 1/2? May be a big undertaking, but as far as my research has gone, there is not a generator out there for Ionic that provides as much diversity in preprocessors and libraries as this one.
    Jeremy Corson
    Good afternoon. I have an issue with a gulp-ruby-sass portion of my generated project. The developer next to me is seeing the files generate in a appData directory instead of the project directory. as a result the site doesnt work. i see others talking about this in 2015. I dont know how to fix it or why it doesnt happen for me
    We are both on windows. We have tried various comand line tools to make sure it wasnt that
    Jakub Pomykała
    Hi all :)
    Benny Powers
    I'm spoiled by your generator Is there an equivalent meanstack genny or am I better off manually installing the server stuff?
    Pedro Esperança
    Hi Benny, your better off creating a separate project altogether for the API
    Nick Lucking
    Hey guys, when are you pushing out the drone 5 release??
    super excited about that
    Michał Wójcik
    Hello guys, i have problem with start my test. When i write small test how i can start testing with console. gulp test?
    My test isn't validation in testing engine..
    I am running the generator though a proxy to my php server successfully and everything is working fine except I seem to have to use /index.php as my start path on BrowserSync with http-proxy-middleware. This is causing me issues with things such as my angular routing and building SEO snapshots using html-snapshots. Is there any way of removing the /index.php/ from my urls using http-proxy-middleware or am I stuck with this?
    Justin Griffith
    Does your generator come with any mock functionality? I see where it looks for any */.mock.js files but do not see any examples.
    Mehdy Dara

    @/all if you missed the last news about gulp-angular


    I recommend you to switch on FountainJS.

    We just achieve a full test coverage

    Mike Sigsworth
    Awesome! I am excited to give it a try.
    We have migrate to Slack @mikesigs
    Mike Sigsworth
    Thanks. I will migrate over there now ;)
    Ben Novak
    This message was deleted
    This message was deleted

    Hey guys, when I run the local serve command everything works fine. But when I build, my two layout routes files are returning 404:
    This is what calls them in my route file:

          .state('dashboard', {
              // abstract: true,
              views: {
                layout: {
                  templateUrl: 'app/layouts/dashboard.html',
              data: {
                authorizedRoles: true
          .state('full', {
              // abstract: true,
              views: {
                layout: {
                  templateUrl: 'app/layouts/fullpage.html',

    any ideas?

    Ben Novak
    my bad, cookies problem :worried:
    Manar Kurmanov

    Hi all, can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong?
    I'm trying to write test for this

    class Test {
      public $inject = ['$cookies']
      constructor(public $cookies){
      getData() {
        return 1 + 2;
    export default Test;

    My test.spec

    /// <reference path="../../typings/index.d.ts" />
    import * as angular from 'angular';
    import 'angular-mocks';
    import Test from './test';
    describe('Test service', () => {
      beforeEach(() => {
          .module('Test', [])
          .service('Test', Test);
      it('should', angular.mock.inject((Test: Test) => {

    it says error starts with

    PhantomJS 2.1.1 (Windows 8 0.0.0) Test service should FAILED
            eval code
            eval@[native code]
    I opened that issue x6doooo/generator-gulp-angular2#27
    someone help me
    Can someone tell me how to change the default portnumber ? (3000)
    Hello everyone!
    I am using gulp's usemin task. I want to put multiple files in gulp.src() in the usemin task but I am getting error.
    Can anybody help me??

    gulp.task('usemin',['jshint'], function () {

    return gulp.src('./app/*/.html')
    js: [ngannotate(),uglify(),rev()]



    shouldn't be like this? ./app/*/.html
    o weird
    Ashique Mohammed
    Hello Anybody here .
    Basheer ALMOMANI
    I have a question. where should I add backend module and api project? I think nowhere in docs, anyone talking about them
    Ahmed Rebai
    hi everyone
    i got this error
    Akash Padhy
    Andi Chou

    Hi folks,

    anyone have an experience on this issue?

    [16:42:22] Starting 'ngc'...
    : Error: FileSystem has not been configured. Please call `setFileSystem()` before calling this method.
    gulp 4.0.2
    angular-compiler-cli: 8.1.2
    @andichou did u find solution for Error: FileSystem has not been configured. Please call setFileSystem() before calling this method.