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Dec 2015
Dec 29 2015 03:38
to write ccTCP you will need to understand pretty much everything about the network. Applications are not really in the scope so much, sure ssh ftp etc will be accessible via the networking infrastructure which we build but you will need to understand networking as a whole meaning networking protocols network structure and architecture etc. things like the OSI Model and TCP/IP model are a great place to start and are the key foundational building blocks of understanding networking. I would recommend reading RFCs for network protocols or read some ciscopress books. The reason i say all of this is because i can't just tell you what to do and know that it would be done properly because of the amount of time it would take to explain and the 50/50 shot of the recipient fully understanding my explanation

to give some examples of protocols to be implemented::

STP (802.1d)
VLAN [not a protocol but a method of isolating ports on a switch]

Dec 29 2015 09:33
Wow, thanks.
Dec 29 2015 22:22
if you go and read any bit about it and you are still interested then I'll be here at the ready