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Mar 2016
Jay Whaley
Mar 08 2016 23:50
@demhydraz bows in reverence
Is there any way I could contribute? It'd be cool to apply the stuff I'm learning in OS class, but I'd honestly be fine just testing things or reading into the viability of libraries and such. Basically, the boring stuff you guys wouldn't wanna do I'd try to do.
Matheus Magalhães de Alcantara
Mar 08 2016 23:53
@jaywha The old kernel could use:
  • a better file system layer
  • some more devfs drivers, which kinda depends on the above being implemented
  • a better scheduling model would be nice, although a bit difficult to implement
The new kernel (if you want to contribute, look here) has a pretty handy TARDIX/ntardix#1. Mostly boils down to the same issues as above, plus some vanity features.