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as alternatives too
I started use Telegram.Bot, and i can do the stuff i need. Pretty hard at the beginning btw
Telegram Bot API is API for creating bots, so it's very limited.
For example, you can't send messages directly with Telegram Bot API. Telegram API have no such limitations,
it's widely used in all official Telegram clients.
Madelineproto: php ew
Telethon and pyrogram: python, so not super useful...
TdLib has C# bindings but they are super primitive.
Hello, how can I display the list of groups by TLSHARP?
Need help how to send a message to username?
who can help me, the documentation is old on github i can not figure it out
Hey, guys! I need your help in TLSharp. So, i have the following exception:
System.OverflowException: "Overflow due to an arithmetic operation." In the method client.SendCodeRequestAsync(Txb_Phone.Text).
Who had the same problem?
anyone there?

//get available contacts
var result = await client.GetContactsAsync();

//find recipient in contacts
var user = result.users.lists
.Where(x => x.GetType() == typeof(TLUser))
.Where(x => x.first_name == "ZRX");

The result.users.lists shows an error doesn't have the users property, how could I fix it?

Marc R Kellerman
Anyone here trying to use TLSharp though PowerShell? I'm working on building a module. If anyone here is interested in the project, hit me up.
Marc R Kellerman
Does anyone know how to get more than 100 dialogs from GetUserDialogs?
Marc R Kellerman
GetUserDialogs: I figured it out.
Marc R Kellerman
I’m alone in this lobby..
is this project dead?
Ebere Abanonu
@mkellerman most developers now use telegram bot api
so I think
Marc R Kellerman
@eaba telegram bot api? but can i get all history for chat/channel/users ?
i thought i needed full Api to do this.
Marc R Kellerman
Go check it out!
Ebere Abanonu
I will star for future review
Sukhdevsinh Zala
How to use MakeAuthWithPasswordAsync, There is no documentation or example of it. It always throws AUTH_KEY_UNREGISTERED
Please can anyone explain how to use it? I don't want to use SendCodeRequestAsync.
hey how can i add user to channel ? cant find updated docs for that
How can I create the user variable to change user specific things like FirstName without having to reauthenticate everytime I start my program?
Hi, do you know how to do upgrade a document reference when you receive a fileref_upgrade_needed?
me, having same issue
@daparici if you find any solution, please write me
hi,Is anyone there?
@sunzh132334 yes
how to get all channel list tlsharp
I canot SendCodeRequestAsync my phone number ,why ?
Dim hash = Await client.SendCodeRequestAsync("8613855583333")
Amin Rezaei
Hi there
How do I invite the user from one group to another?
Hi everyone. How to delete chat user?
Dima B
so noone responds here yes?
Andres G. Aragoneses
eonianmonk: our telegram channel is more active
Hello. Help me. How do I send a message to a member by their @name if they are not in my contact list?
is it possible to send messages with bold text with tlsharp?
@knocte which channel is on telegram?
Good day everybody, does tlsharp support 'parse_mode' = 'HTML'?