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Oct 2014
Wayne Sutton
Oct 08 2014 00:00
@engagr thanks! I had removed it from my mup file :smile: Will add and see what happens later tonight!
Oct 08 2014 03:29
@alexzimmer the same problem here. 'Notifications is not defined'
Sacha Greif
Oct 08 2014 04:41
for now just delete the deleteNotifications migration in migrations.js
Oct 08 2014 04:57
@SachaG that worked perfectly. Have just started playing around with this platform, absolutely blown away by the possibilities.
Sacha Greif
Oct 08 2014 06:06
@thesocialdeck awesome. I need to fix that bug though, sorry about that!
Oct 08 2014 08:34
Happy to see the chat is ramping up. Looks like Gitter is a great platform for this case.
Azizur Rahman
Oct 08 2014 08:45
@SachaG Is there an wiki where I can start documenting testing approaches? And getting started guides for a start.
Sacha Greif
Oct 08 2014 09:36
@azizur not really, feel free to pick whatever you think is best for that. Could be Meta, Trello, GitHub, or something elseā€¦
I fixed the notifications thing in TelescopeJS/Telescope@13484d6 btw
Azizur Rahman
Oct 08 2014 17:47
Looking at the Official Testing Framework but does not look anything being formalize yet.
Azizur Rahman
Oct 08 2014 17:55
The Meteor Safety Harness seems to suggest RTD Runner is most comprehensive at this stage. Also interestingly RTD seems to use grunt. As of 16 Hrs ago RTD is DEPRECATED in favour of Velocity.
Azizur Rahman
Oct 08 2014 18:08
Wayne Sutton
Oct 08 2014 18:16
@engagr thanks for the help yesterday. I'm all setup on Mailgun!
Question: Which file do I edit to change the body in the (daily, weekly) emails and not all the emails from theplatform ( new comment, etc) ? Thanks! I had change emailWrapper.handlebars but that effects all the emails. Thanks!
Sivli Kestanous
Oct 08 2014 19:17
@azizur if you make any progress on testing feel free to ping me and I will echo your work in Herald, which is now the notification system in telescope. Also thanks @SachaG for that catch, I never thought to check the migrations.
@azizur also I think @splendido may be interested as well, see splendido/accounts-templates-core#73. That package now runs Telescopes user accounts.
Shadab Mahbub
Oct 08 2014 20:14
Hello everyone,
Can someone advise me on the best way to use iron router to serve a js file in Telescope? I am making an ajax call to that file, and am expecting a json response.
Cloud Unicorn
Oct 08 2014 22:08
@waynesutton happy to help! i ask for enough help from @SachaG as it is:)
@waynesutton haven't been able to edit those yet, but working on it - theory is emailDigest.handlebars and other files in package:telescope-newsletter