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Oct 2014
Sacha Greif
Oct 10 2014 01:00
@engagr I think the easiest way to figure it out is to debug it together on Skype. I'm going away this week-end but I'll have time next week, sorry for the delay!
Shadab Mahbub
Oct 10 2014 17:44
If i were to add another field to the Post Submit form, and created a property on that field on the Post schema, how would I insert the value into the respective field of the postObject?
Cloud Unicorn
Oct 10 2014 22:03
@SdShadab I added a field to postSubmit but not sure exactly what you're asking...
This might help. In post_submit.js I added the new field(s) - artist and love - to this part:
'''' var properties = {
title: $('#title').val(),
artist: $('#artist').val(), // DS added artist here - same as CodersClan
love: $('#love').val(),
// body: instance.editor.exportFile(),
sticky: $('#sticky').is(':checked'),
userId: $('#postUser').val(),
status: parseInt($('input[name=status]:checked').val())