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Oct 2014
Halil Ertekin
Oct 14 2014 07:11
Sacha Greif
Oct 14 2014 08:21
@Kestanous @engagr @waynesutton MailChimp and notifications should be two separate things. What happens when you call the "testCampaign" Meteor method?
Wayne Sutton
Oct 14 2014 17:39
@SachaG when I go to it works. but it's not sending
@SachaG I'm not sure how to call ""testCampaign" In chrome do I go to the console and put in'testCampaign') ?
Sivli Kestanous
Oct 14 2014 17:45
@SachaG really? Then I wonder where those issue were coming from. I wish I investigated more as I can't reproduce. @waynesutton @engagr sorry for the red herring.