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Oct 2014
Mitja Bezenšek
Oct 19 2014 12:09
Anyone had any problems with the newsletter chron job? It seemed to work ok, but then one day it just skipped the send. Does redeploying or restarting the server influence the job (since I see that it gets hooked up at meteor startup). Here's a screen of the chronHistory db, you can see that on the 18th it didn't send:
Sacha Greif
Oct 19 2014 22:07
@MitjaBezensek yes, it might have an influence. It's not a “real” cron job (it runs on the same process) so these things can happen. You can call "scheduleNextCampaign" manually if you notice the cron job didn't work for whatever reason
Wayne Sutton
Oct 19 2014 22:41
@SachaG I'm still confused on how to "scheduleNextCampaign" / Do I enter this via the browser console on my live site or from the terminal remote logged in via the console? Thanks!
Sacha Greif
Oct 19 2014 23:49
Via the browser console on your live site:'scheduleNextCampaign') or'scheduleNextCampaign', true) if it's just a test