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Nov 2014
Cloud Unicorn
Nov 06 2014 00:31
It's constantly running up to 100% CPU and freezing site. I'm a little behind so I'm going to update to current TS before I jump ship. MUP's worked well until this.
MUP + DO that is
Different question (noob): I'm having to delete by hand a bunch of .build files in packages, I believe bc I committed them to my repo on Bitbucket. What's best way to stop tracking them and get them out of repo? I've looked thru Stackoverflow and couldn't figure it out.
Daniel Klose
Nov 06 2014 02:02
@engagr i recently set it up on DP and it’s running like a treat
if you want I can help you out
tho, the trick seems to be to run the DB off site at mongodb.hq
Sacha Greif
Nov 06 2014 02:14
@engagr I think you'll need to get a bigger instance on DO
or you can try Linode
the 100% CPU thing seems to happen because DO runs out of memory
Cloud Unicorn
Nov 06 2014 18:10
@SachaG thanks! Surprised DO's $5 instance wouldn't support TS for three users!
Anyone figure out how to edit email templates using a custom package yet?