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Nov 2014
Nov 18 2014 01:47
So I just installed everything and it launches fine and I can sign up and all. My settings page does not show up with anything when I click on the link. All the other pages show up
Sacha Greif
Nov 18 2014 02:28
Anybody want to help test out the new 0.9.9 version?
Joshua Kidd
Nov 18 2014 02:31
Sure... I'm down for some testing.
Cloud Unicorn
Nov 18 2014 04:27
Anyone figured out how to override the emailNewPost.handlebars template?
Sacha Greif
Nov 18 2014 05:51
@engagr did you open an issue about that? I'll take a look soon
Cloud Unicorn
Nov 18 2014 05:52
@SachaG I believe so but I'll confirm.
Peter Gault
Nov 18 2014 06:29
Hello Telescope community. I'm building, a free, open source tool for learning writing skills. I'd like to set up a Telescope app for our community - If you see this and have the time to help set it up, it'd be great if you could reach me at
Nov 18 2014 19:47
Hey all, I am pretty new to Telescope and Meteor but working my way through it. I'm currently looking at this issue: I can't seem to figure out how to change the default target="_blank" for post links. I'd like to have the links open in the same page. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!