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Nov 2014
Wilson Peng
Nov 19 2014 01:27
hey anyone here?
I'm having trouble deploying to modulus and was wondering if anyone can help
It says everything is deployed and running but I get this message Unable to connect to any application instances.
Sacha Greif
Nov 19 2014 02:01
I'll be doing a hangout this thursday. Come join us :)
@arist0tl3 look into customizing the postTitle template
Cloud Unicorn
Nov 19 2014 03:55
@SachaG Sorry to jack the issue thread, prob better discussed here. Anyway, 1.0 branch seems to work, trying to figure out why it nuked some of my CSS
Cloud Unicorn
Nov 19 2014 04:03
K, weird, it seems to be only adhering to CSS rules that don't exist in your base/hubble theme. I'm loading them as dependencies in my custom theme...
], ['client']);
Daniel Klose
Nov 19 2014 12:04
so I tried to pull the 1.00 release and get the git issue: error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:
should I stash this, or is it safe to override. i believe packages should be stashed, but how about versions?
@engagr I recently created a custom theme myself. My recommendation is to ditch all the default themes
it’s a quite a mess to be honest
currently telescope lives off of two themes. The theme-base and the theme hubble
and they have redundant css
I installed compass and merged the sass code
now I use codekit to compile the scss files into one clean theme
@SachaG, btw what’s the plan for this? I found a lot of bugs whilst doing this and now have a relatively clean boilerplate theme that has not dependencies
maybe it would be a good idea to commit this?
Nov 19 2014 19:48
@SachaG Thanks -- exactly what I was looking for!