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Dec 2014
Dec 27 2014 02:18
Rudimentary question: how does one format text in a post on Telescope?
Ah, I see... you can write HTML directly into the post.
Sacha Greif
Dec 27 2014 03:34
@lpatmo you can't write HTML, but you can use Markdown
@g33kidd it doesn't use any specific grid
Dec 27 2014 05:28
@SachaG Got it, thanks. Heads up -- I just tried sending a direct reply to a comment left you at, but the form wouldn't submit. It only worked when I submitted the comment as a completely new comment. Wanted to flag in case others were experiencing this issue. My guess is it's a hosting/memory issue and not an app issue.
Dec 27 2014 07:33
@SachaG Never mind, my bad; figured out that there were two different "url" places. I just changed it in the place where the change did not show up noticeably.
Kiko Beats
Dec 27 2014 15:39
How I want to put private keys in settings.json instead of put in the /settings url?
the json schema I mean