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Jan 2015
Jan 07 2015 04:07
Hi guys! I've been running Telescope for about 2 weeks on Digital Ocean's 1GB droplet and have found the initial load time to be often around 4 seconds, and then just about instant after that. Is there anything I can do to substantially cut down this time?
Great job @SachaG et al.
Sacha Greif
Jan 07 2015 05:13
Hmm, I'm not really sure there's a way around it if you're already running the latest release with fast-render…
Jan 07 2015 09:26
Does anyone have a reference page for settings.json? Whats the proper format for specifying MAIL_URL as it applies to telescope?
Jimmy Lipham
Jan 07 2015 12:48
@jhawn Regarding your DO droplet, do you have swap space added?
note that Telescope can use settings.json, but it will also take its settings from the admin panel, both work