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Jan 2015
Jan 08 2015 07:47
@Compy I haven't added swap space. It looks like I'm only using 200mb out of 1Gb
@SachaG I completely overlooked the /setting option for mail_url.
As to SEO, I see that from the newest build, Fast-Render and Spiderable are a included packages, with F.R. used inside of Telescope-Daily. It seems that neither have any real effect at all in terms of speed or crawlability. Am I missing something?
Sacha Greif
Jan 08 2015 08:00
FR should make things faster, it should speed up initial load time
and Spiderable should make your app crawlable
btw we tend to use the Slack room now, if you want to join that :)
just leave me your email
Jan 08 2015 08:22
@SachaG It doesn't actually feel like Telescope is using FR or Spiderable despite it listing it as a package
Sacha Greif
Jan 08 2015 08:28
well the best way to find out is to deploy your site, open a GitHub issue, and post a link
Although FR inserts tags in the markup so you can find out right away just by looking at the source
for Spiderable you have to do a curl using a special query parameter which I don't remember
Ilya Pukhalski
Jan 08 2015 10:06
@jhawn, any chance to get some instructions? Have you used mup? I managed to run it with meteor command running in the background on 20$ droplet but it goes down from time to time anyway...
Is there any chance to distribute DO snapshot? It'd be pretty useful for all of us to simplify the installation process
Because right now it seems to be not so easy to jump in