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Jan 2015
Ryan Deussing
Jan 19 2015 00:00
Well, nothing like the fear of looking stupid in Gitter/IRC/Slack to make you fugure somethign out ;) I have this working with return Posts.find(params.find, {sort:{tweetCount:-1}}).fetch(); in campaign.js - but I wonder where I can set or modify params.options so that I don’t have to modify that file?
The original line is return Posts.find(params.find, params.options).fetch();
Sacha Greif
Jan 19 2015 00:04
@ryandeussing can you open a thread on Meta about this?
Ryan Deussing
Jan 19 2015 00:25
Sure thing
Jan 19 2015 16:06
@SachaG can you invite me in Slack?