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Jun 2015
Isaac Kaufman
Jun 03 2015 00:53
Hey guys! Do you still frequent this? Just wanted to let you know this repo is awesome and is very well done! I created a small pull request, do you think you could take a look at it?Thanks for creating this beautiful Java API, it will allow me to make the TS3 scripts of my wildest dreams! :-)
Bert De Geyter
Jun 03 2015 10:19
I've accepted your PR. Thank you for contributing ;) !
Isaac Kaufman
Jun 03 2015 12:32
Thanks a lot! Is the newest commit deprecating getId() a clarity thing? That's the
Oh never mind I see the comment now!
Isaac Kaufman
Jun 03 2015 12:39
So does this break
The example fix I did? That's the same getId() right? Sorry for the spam!
Roger Baumgartner
Jun 03 2015 14:51

I just deprecated getId() for clarity's sake so it's clear that the client ID is meant. In Client it's clear that getId() means the client's ID, in ServerQueryInfo... not so much. What is more, it's just deprecated and not deleted, so nothing will break due to this change.
Furthermore, I've been working on the examples myself for quite a bit. I've incorporated your fix into my offline version (thank you very much btw!), but a lot of the file is probably going to get overwritten soon-ish.

What is more, I changed it so api.whoAmI().getClientId() is used to get the query's ID instead of using api.getClientByName("PutPutBot").get(0).getId(). It's nicer, requires less data transmission and is less prone to errors.

Isaac Kaufman
Jun 03 2015 15:02
Yeah thats a good idea, I wasn't aware that whoami() returned a ServerQueryInfo, that's pretty awesome.