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Nov 2017
Nov 20 2017 02:36
Lol so the virtual server id I had to use was 987. Took awhile to figure that out. Thanks again for the help.
Nov 20 2017 15:38
glad you did it
always glad to help again
Nov 20 2017 17:43
So if I wanted my code to react to messages in any channel, would i have to make multiple connections, one for each channel I wanted to listen to?
Roger Baumgartner
Nov 20 2017 20:05
Yes. This is a well known limitation of the TS3 server query interface: For whatever reason, TeamSpeak decided that a server query could only ever listen to the chat messages in one channel. So if you really need (and quite often, you don't) to listen to all channel chat, you'll need to have multiple queries
People often solve this issue by having a single query that sends a private message to whoever joins the server
So if they want to issue any bot commands or whatever, they'd just send a private message in that window
That way, you'll also prevent flooding chats with people typing various commands