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Oct 2016
Oct 21 2016 21:44
Hmm. I'm also having problems with IDE support. I tried using scalatags, but can't get a simple example to complete
  <input oninput={e: Event => name := e.currentTarget.asInstanceOf[Input].value} />
  Your input is: {name.bind}
works fine, but removing the @dom annotation and changing the template to
  input(oninput := {e: Event => name := e.currentTarget.asInstanceOf[Input].value}),
  p("Your value is: " + {name.bind})
no longer works
Brandon Elam Barker
Oct 21 2016 22:03
I have given up on Intel
Intellij for certain advanced scala features for now. Is that what you use?
Oct 21 2016 22:14
Yup. I investigated writing a scala plugin, but they only seem to support injecting functions and inner classes-objects into traits/classes/objects
I filed a question, but there are other macro-related questions from over a week ago that haven't received a response :(
What do you use instead? Eclipse or ensime?