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Oct 2016
Brandon Elam Barker
Oct 22 2016 01:28
I am just starting, but am in the process of trying Eclipse since both Yang Bo and Miles Sabin seem to use it, iirc (quite unfortunate as I'm not a big fan of Eclipse's UI, but what can you do :))
And yeah, part of my reason was for finding a related sort of bug for the IDEA Scala plugin that has been open for some years...
Am off to a rough start trying to get remotely proper emacs key bindings, somehow incremental search isn't working with Ctrl-S =p But an online suggestion from 2006 had the same issue and noted that turning it off and on again (meaning the computer) worked...
Oct 22 2016 03:13
I ended up using spacemacs + ensime, and it's working pretty well.
I'm good with vim so it saved me a lot of config time