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Jan 2017
Darcy Shen
Jan 25 2017 04:08
these days
It wraps SemanticUI on Binding.scala, provides components defined in Ant.Design
I've implemented the most simple Pagination component
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Jan 25 2017 04:11
There is no component concept in Binding.scala.
There is only template.
I recommend to provide simple reusable templates in the form of method.
Darcy Shen
Jan 25 2017 04:13
for example:
import com.sadhen.binding.component._
import com.sadhen.binding.component.tag.Pagination

def render = {
  <Pagination defautCurrent={1} total={20}></Pagination>
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Jan 25 2017 04:16
Custom tags are designed to integrate with underlying non-bindable models, not custom templates.
Custom templates can be defined in simple methods. Like what we did in Play/Twirl.