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Mar 2017
Loïc Descotte
Mar 30 2017 09:26
I'm playing with binding/scala a little and first I'd liek to say it's very nice, good job
I'm looking at this example :
And I'd like to extract the Add input into a separated component
So if I add this component into the list component, I need to provide a callback method to my Add component
Are there any examples to do such a thing?
I tried to provide a simple scala function but failed
thanks :)
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Mar 30 2017 09:31
Hi, @loic_d_twitter could you ask it on Stack Overflow for this kind of questions?
Thank you
Loïc Descotte
Mar 30 2017 10:02
I didn't see this room was only for binding.scala development
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Mar 30 2017 10:27