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Oct 2017
Basim Khajwal
Oct 04 2017 16:54
Is there any way to convert a Seq[Binding[A]] to BindingSeq[A] ?
Kahli Burke
Oct 04 2017 18:17
@basimkhajwal As an example: val bindSeq = Constants(seqOfBinding: _*) map (_.bind)
Kahli Burke
Oct 04 2017 19:18
@basimkhajwal As for your first question, yeah it's a little unfortunate that IntellJ doesn't know about the existence of the variable. However I think something like in this ScalaFiddle would work:
Kahli Burke
Oct 04 2017 20:35
@Atry I ran into an interesting bug/issue that I'm curious if you have any insight about. I started getting this error applyDynamic does not support passing a vararg parameter [error] <section class="backgroundrepeating l-containerhorizontal" data:role="main" data:aria-labelledby="main-title">. This occurs if any data:* attributes are on this section tag, however I can workaround it by taking the contents of the section tag and putting them into a different @dom annotated method.
I'm guessing it's in the macro generated code somewhere but not quite sure where this issue is cropping up. I see that this error seems to refer to a scala compiler bug.
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Oct 04 2017 21:17
@kahliburke You can create an issue with reproducible example.
Kahli Burke
Oct 04 2017 21:42
Yeah, hard to do at this point because it seems to depend very heavily on how things are structured. Just was wondering if you had run into anything like it.