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Jan 2018
Mustafa Kuscu
Jan 31 2018 13:54
Hi, consider an ajax method that most of the time returns the same value. Whenever that result is bound to a dom component, during the ajax call it disappears and gets re-rendered with the same value. I would like to avoid this behavior by declaring that binding to be a constant, with no success. The ajax result is a future binding which does not map into a constant. Or am i missing something here?
is it possible to have a forced constant futurebinding output?
i hope i am missing something otherwise it will eventually become seeking cumbersome ways to do kind of like 'diffing' and batched rendering?
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Jan 31 2018 14:08
@mcku The built-in FutureBinding implementation only has 79 lines of code. Feel free to copy and create your own variant of FutureBinding.
Mustafa Kuscu
Jan 31 2018 14:27
thanks, i will try that..