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Jun 2018
Leonid Turnaev
Jun 13 2018 09:42

@Atry Unfortunately I found a case where application which uses Binding.scala should depend on Scalaz. Please, see example from FAQ:

@dom def renderList(data: List[Binding[String]]) = <ol>{
  import scalaz.std.list._ // Type classes for List
  for (b <- data) yield {

Can Dsl.scala remove this dependency (or change to Cats)?

杨博 (Yang Bo)
Jun 13 2018 09:43
Of course, because Dsl.scala does not support for-comprehension
Dsl.scala itself can be considered as an alternative to for-comprehension
Leonid Turnaev
Jun 13 2018 09:50
:smile: O! I understand.