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Nov 2018
Wojtek Pituła
Nov 02 2018 10:00
There is no explicit map or flatMap for Bindings, but one can use scalaz for that, right?
Wojtek Pituła
Nov 02 2018 11:52

thanks. Another thing,: how this should be expressed correctly:

class ProcessDefsSelect(allDefs: BindingSeq[ProcessDefinition], selected: Var[Option[ProcessDefinition]]) {

  def render: Binding[html.Select] = {
    <select class="ui dropdown" onchange={e: Event => selected.value = allDefs.bind.find( ==[html.Select].value)} >
      {for (pDef <- allDefs) yield {
      <option value={} selected={selected.bind.exists( ==} >


simple select component. This impl doesnt work due to allDefs.bind invoked in callback function...

Wojtek Pituła
Nov 02 2018 12:12
assigning allDefs.bind to variable outside callback function works fine
Mustafa Kuscu
Nov 02 2018 13:06
I have a question In this Gitter channel, there was a discussion on how to convert a scalatags typed tag to string. I need a similar way to do that for a Binding[Element].