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Dec 2018
A pages written in Scala.js using Binding.scala and SemanticUI
I'm wondering if you guys are insterested.
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Dec 30 2018 16:16
The corresponding scala.js code for the page
The goal of the project is to make Binding.scala popular and easier to use.
Why SemanticUI
because ScalaFiddle use it
Hi @y
I do think breaking the dom.scala into several files make the code easier to read.
All in one file is cool but hard to read.
Just learned a lot from Binding.scala's sbt build definition
I do think your ways of using multiple build.sbt are better than all in one build.sbt
or full customized code in project/
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Dec 30 2018 16:27
One source file per library layout is one of my experiments.
If it is too complicated, I should split it into more libraries
Darcy Shen
Dec 30 2018 16:28
I'd like to write a sbt plugin to automatically generate dependencies like npm
I do think one source file per library is a good idea
This make the sbt plugin(I want to write) easier to impl
I feel frustrated to copy and paste the dependency defs every time
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Dec 30 2018 16:35
Some frameworks, including Play and Spark, do provide sbt plugin to generate dependencies
Darcy Shen
Dec 30 2018 16:55
I know Spark it read the existing pom
also a good idea
杨博 (Yang Bo)
Dec 30 2018 16:58
I meant sbt-spark-package
It allows something like
sparkComponents += "sql"
sparkComponents += "mllib"
Because Spark dependencies are a little tricky when manually setting libraryDependencies