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Aug 2018
Aug 14 2018 11:01
Would it be ok to create a TiddlyServer room here for TiddlyServer-specific questions?
That would be easier than creating a separate community and everything just for TiddlyServer.
And more organized :)
Zak Storer
Aug 14 2018 14:16
@Arlen22 although, not many people seem to chat here very often anyway.
Mario Pietsch
Aug 14 2018 14:35
I would like to keep the number of different rooms low, so it's easier to maintain and especially follow them all :)
Would "developers and geeks" do the job for TiddlyServer?
I would like to have the "high level" questions here and the "low level, technical" stuff in devs&geeks

When we have a lot of traffic, we may add more rooms

and more admins. .. But I actually don't know the possibilities at the moment :)

Aug 14 2018 15:02
It might, although my target audience is not geeks (settings.json not withstanding). I guess there are probably more tools than I realize, considering all the different platforms that exist. I'm pretty buried in NodeJS :smile: Yeah, I'll think about it for now, though I kind if hate making a separate community. Maybe we could make a room called "Servers & Savers" where all these discussions could go. Then I could just tell people to @ me. I could just send them to public in the meantime.
Mario Pietsch
Aug 14 2018 19:19
@Arlen22 .. servers-and-savers created. You are an Admin there ;) .. have fun!