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Jan 2019
Jean Bernard FRANCOIS
Jan 28 08:14 UTC
<<example "Bla blablabla bla lbabla blabla <span><b>BLABLA</b></span> blabla blablabla blabla">>
Bimba Laszlo
Jan 28 21:06 UTC

@ldorigo I think you have to wikify the string first:

<$wikify name="string" text=""" Bla blablabla bla lbabla blabla <<important "BLABLA">> blabla blablabla blabla""">
<$macrocall $name="example" param=<<string>>/>

In the first line the string is parsed as wikitext and saved to the variable string.
In the second line example macro is called and string is passed as the parameter (change param to the name of the parameter, which can be found in the \define example(param) macro definition). We have to use the <$macrocall $name="example" .../> form instead of <<example ...>>, because <<string>> cannot be passed otherwise (it would looks like <<example <<string>> >>, but this NOT works).