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    Code's All Right ™
    @wowczarczyk not sure I fully understand your suggestion, but for example shared components will not work, bc different exts can have components with the same name
    Also, Window can be added to the components list, I just skipped it for now https://github.com/tvjsx/tvjs-xp/blob/main/src/extensions/settings-win/x.json, the result will be added here https://github.com/tvjsx/tvjs-xp/blob/main/build/settings-win/settings-win.js#L15
    Hi! Cold you provide me with the simple example of external Overlays usage in Browser mode (without NPM) ?
    For Example how to Add [Grin] from Project 101 if I can't use NMP?
    Hi, I can get the examples to run with npm run test but integrating it in a node cli project just comes with a blank. I've passed one of the example data files data_btc.json to it and believe I have configured it correctly. Can anyone point me to an example .vue where this is integrated?

    Hi @C451, I am trying to create a horizontal line. I am able to do so like this:

        init() {
          const pin = new primitives.Pin(this, "p1", { state: "tracking" });
          pin.on("settled", () => {
        use_for() {
          return ["HorizontalLine"];
        draw(ctx) {
          if (!this.p1) return;
          const layout = this.$props.layout;
          ctx.strokeStyle = "#42b28a";
          ctx.lineWidth = 0.9;
          const x = layout.t2screen(this.p1[0]);
          const y = layout.$2screen(this.p1[1]);
          ctx.moveTo(x, y);
          ctx.lineTo(0, y);
          ctx.lineTo(layout.width, y);

    However, there is no easy way to delete the horizontal line once created (the pins do not show up when hovering over the line). I suspect it is because I am not attaching Pins to the left and right side of the line. Is there a way to programmatically create a Pin object by giving it an x or y canvas value?

    What I want to do essentially is to create a pin on the far left side and far right side and draw a line between the two. That way when hovering over the line, the pins will show and the line can be deleted. Thank you

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    Is TradingVue compatible with Vue3?

    Could somebody give an examlpe how to store data into dataset and how to extract it from dataset ?
    For examlpe, I want to fetch data from some source once into dataset,
    and show on chart after some interactive filtering.
    I stuck in geting data from DATASET...

    So I did so:

        return {
            chart: new DataCube({
                datasets: [{
                    type: 'Trades',
                    id: 'SomeData',
                    data: []
        //....Requesing data and Saving data into dataset
        let response =await fetch(someurl)
        let string = await response.text();
        let myData = string === "" ? {} : JSON.parse(string);
        this.chart.set('datasets.SomeData.data',myData) // is it correct ?
    watch: {
                //... Filtering from external Variable 
            posfilter(value) {
                let valuedatasrc=this.chart.get('datasets.SomeData.data') // this gives me undefined result
                // How to Store data from dataset into "valuedatasrc" ?
                let valuedata=valuedatasrc.filter(itm=>{itm[1]=value})
    Is there a way to prevent it from panning before the first data point? When this happens it drops my scale down to 0 and zooms all my data way out as it is bitcoin price of 48-50k
    hey fellas, does tradingvue work with vue3 ?
    Johannes Hoppe

    hey fellas, does tradingvue work with vue3 ?

    not yet

    there is a branch: https://github.com/tvjsx/trading-vue-js/tree/vue3 , and there you can read: VUE 3 JOURNEY JUST STARTED

    Quick study (done entirely in one overlay) : BTC: Day Of The Week Returns
    Today is the most bearish day, but we are holding good so far

    hi, I am new here to study tvjs, I tested https://tvjs.io/play/?a=ypwpa1aj in my local laptop with newest version tvjs ,unluckily I can not get the overlay result printed on the pic left upper corner ,i really appreciate tvjs, i love it very much. I read some doc on github ,but I not totaly understand the key point, I also try tvjs-xp, and combine tvjs-xp with websocks(https://github.com/tvjsx/trading-vue-js/blob/master/test/tests/DataHelper.vue ) but failed.

    This message was deleted
    I stiil not know why this not work for me :(
    grin is from https://gist.github.com/C451/6d8ea8d603e3faadd801b4b3f2e7a57d
    the data is somelike
    { "ohlcv": [ [ 1593824400000, 9082.6, 9082.7, 9069, 9078.08979168, 32.34898355 ],[...]] }
    the code is:
            :legend-buttons="['display', 'settings', 'up', 'down', 'add', 'remove']"
    import TradingVue from 'trading-vue-js'
    import GRIN from './Grin.vue'
    import { DataCube } from 'trading-vue-js'
    import Data from '../data/b15f68859a7ed52767c6ad1a376e5dc3.json'
    export default {
        name: 'app',
        components: { TradingVue },
        data() {
            return {
                dc: new DataCube(Data),
                overlays: [GRIN],
    The GRIN overlays is not work,I do not know why, I add some console.log code inner draw(ctx) in grin.vue, but the web console show nothing, am I wrong or someting else I missed?
    I start a new test project , and the data form likes
    { "chart": { "type": "Candles", "data": [ [ 1552453200000, 3958.5, 3960.1, 3955.2, 3957, 117.25325922 ],]} instead of { "ohlcv": [ [ 1593824400000, 9082.6, 9082.7, 9069, 9078.08979168, 32.34898355 ],[...]] }, it wokrs !!

    Hello there,

    I’m still working on my Overlay for trading #thestrat.
    For now I’m on 2/3 of my objectives which are:

    1) Timeframe continuity => Display different timeframes (done)
    2) Actionable signals => Display 1 (inside bars), 2 (directional bars) and 3 (reversal bars) type candles on the chart (done)
    3) Broadening formation => Add simple lines drawing tool (todo)

    cf: https://postimg.cc/jwfS2WvV

    However I’m struggling to add the drawing tool and have a few questions:

    • Do drawing tools work with DataCube only?
    • Is it possible to add a single toolbar for multiple charts and detect on which chart the user is drawing to save the lines accordingly ?

    Thank you !

    Peter Dias
    overlays dont seem to auto update when new bars are added to chart ???? any help please
    Have been trying to add this chart to laravel project I do everything no errors and nothing showing
    Sergio Masellis
    Anyone get the vue3 lib to work yet or still too early?
    Awesome library ! I would like to save and load some line drawings using the tool. I know of dc.get and dc.set. But not sure how to restore the data from dc.get to dc.set. Getting errors as is.
    yeah, dc.get('onchart.LineTool.data') gives me an empty array, but dc.get('onchart.LineTool') does show a valid array but it has so many extra props.
    The LineTool.vue uses pins to set p1 & p2 with mouse tracking. Not sure how to set it manually
    Seems very inactive
    Dexter Siah

    Hello there,

    I would like to know is there any configuration to hide or replace the date on the X-axis? including the tooltip

    Dexter Siah
    Is there a custom file where I would customize this? I'm honestly slightly confused by the docs.
    Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.38.32 PM.png
    This is the datahelper demo -- looks like things get screwed up if you go a bit far back.
    Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 8.46.24 PM.png
    diff --git a/src/App.vue b/src/App.vue
    index 615634d..9126af0 100644
    --- a/src/App.vue
    +++ b/src/App.vue
    @@ -4,6 +4,7 @@
     <trading-vue :data="chart" :width="this.width" :height="this.height"
    +    :overlays="overlays"
    @@ -11,7 +12,7 @@
     import TradingVue from 'trading-vue-js'
     import Data from '../data/data.json'
    +import Grin from './Grin.js'
     export default {
         name: 'app',
         components: { TradingVue },
    @@ -30,6 +31,7 @@ export default {
         data() {
             return {
                 chart: Data,
    +            overlays:[Grin],
                 width: window.innerWidth,
                 height: window.innerHeight,
                 colors: {
    Above fix for trading-vue-101 unknown type.
    Fix to show all 8 charts in multi chart.
    diff --git a/test/tests/Multichart.vue b/test/tests/Multichart.vue
    index 40a48ba..8c4bf5a 100644
    --- a/test/tests/Multichart.vue
    +++ b/test/tests/Multichart.vue
    @@ -31,7 +31,14 @@ export default {
         computed: {
             cbox_width() { return Math.floor(this.width / 2 - 1) },
    -        cbox_height() { return Math.floor(this.height / 2 - 1) }
    +        cbox_height() {
    +          let mc = window.document.getElementsByClassName("multi-chart")[0];
    +          if (mc) {
    +            return Math.floor(this.height / (mc.childElementCount / 2) - 1);
    +          } else {
    +            return Math.floor(this.height / 2 - 1);
    +          }
    +      }
         mounted() {
             window.addEventListener('resize', this.onResize)

    Hello, I am integrating trading-vue-js in our one of application as its great. I have integrated in my vue project and gone through some setup.

    I need to zoom in and zoom out using external buttons, I understand its being done by mouse scroll but need to do with zoom in and zoom out external buttons as well. Can anyone help me how to do it or which prop or setting/config or methods I can use for this ?

    Ivan Buriak
    HI! Have two questions, help please:
    1. how to configure toolbar: group buttons, add my own
    2.how to draw triangle?
    draw triangle using toolbar*
    Ivan Buriak
    !3. how to save & draw (load saved) toolbar objects
    Swoorup Joshi
    can some one please fund this project by donating 100 million dollars?
    Muhammad Afzaal
    Hello anyone who can help me to make this similar to this
    Plamen Berberov
    Hello guys, how can I add buttons to the chart legend?
    Good day. Is it possible to somehow add objects to the chart? For example, I want to highlight with rectangles every Monday on the chart (automatically in VUE)
    TradingVue.js still active project?