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Hi..How to push image to a private repository. The Repository needs to be specified as registry="example.com". How to mention the username and password ?
Hi all. Is gradle-docker plugin will be able to work with Docker Remote API when the version of the docker is 1.12+ ?
Jakub Jabłoński
Is there any chance that this plugin will be published in gradle plugins repo ?
Hi All
Is there a channel to ask Gradle questions?
Hi, when I've got my dockerfile build and want to publish, how is this done? I can't seem to figure out how the "docker tag image username/repository:tag" and "docker push username/repository:tag" is done in this plugin
Dave Syer
I think you get a tag by default (based on the groupId and jar name). It's easy to check.
Then you can just docker push (you don't need gradle for that)
yes I've applied the group, applicationName and tagVersion. But how do i access my tag variable, $tag ?
(and yes i want to keep using gradle for pushing)
Dave Syer
I don't think you can (use gradle with this plugin to push)
I never did anyway. If they added that feature I missed it.
I don't understand the question about $tag.
Ok, well I'll find another way then, thank you :)

@dsyer looking at the source tells me otherwise tho: https://github.com/Transmode/gradle-docker/blob/master/src/main/groovy/se/transmode/gradle/plugins/docker/DockerTask.groovy

on the very last lines you have a check for if push == True, which will involke the push. I will just try that and return if it works

Dave Syer
Sounds good. Maybe you could fix the README if you find that it works.
@dsyer It works: make a task with type: Docker, set applicationName and tag, set push=true <-- job done.. This really needs to be documented better :)! I'm no developer, is it open for anyone to fix this ?
oh i can just make a pullrequest for better documenting
Dave Syer
You can.
Justin Fleck
greetings! I commented on Transmode/gradle-docker#122 but will try to tackle to problem
Hi there! Is there a way to set environment variable for the docker image produces by distDocker task?

A problem occurred evaluating root project 'history'.

Plugin with id 'docker' not found.

why i got this problem ?
Alican BALIK

Hi, I have just started using se.transmode.gradle for docker, and I get the following error: Type 'se.transmode.gradle.plugins.docker.DockerTask' property 'apiPassword' is missing an input or output annotation.

I created a plugin as following and applied it as apply plugin: 'docker'

docker {
    apiEmail 'e@e.com'
    apiPassword 'p'
    apiUsername 'us'
    baseImage 'im'

and the same error keeps occurring for each property. What am l missing?

Parvathy j a
@AlicanBalik ..did the above error got resolved?